Some PowerPivot Tools Updates

We have been busy since the National Annual Meeting providing updates to the Commissioner Tools PowerPivot tables to give you more actionable information and better-quality reports. Our recent updates include:

  • The “Unit Contact Analysis” tool has been updated to more “actionable” information. These include:
    • Units without an assigned commissioner (*new unit also indicated)
    • Units not contacts in 2018 (*and new units)
    • Units not counted in JTE due to a lack of the unit receiving a detailed assessment
    • A summary report showing the number and percentage of units by Council & District that have not received a detailed assessment.
  • Updates to the “District Commissioner Visual Analysis
    • Easier to read the main graph
    • Easier to read the narrative analysis
    • Better ability to select various Councils & Districts
    • Listing of all units without a detailed assessment based on the filters from the main page.
  • Updates to the “Units Needing Assistance” PowerPivot table to show units which have not received a commissioner contact in the last rolling 12-month window.
  • The new “Units Needing Assistance – Advanced Analysis” PowerPivot table. This provides data that was requested by many including the name of the unit leader, their training status, the training status of the assigned commissioner, and if the unit attends Roundtable.

Special Note: As we have crossed over to the Roundtable program year of 2018-2019, just a reminder for those who use the Roundtable Program Year Analysis to make sure that they change the information on the “parameters” tab to get the most recent information. (Unit_Health_2018.csv and Unit_Health_2019.csv).

These updates will soon appear on the Scouting dot Org web page:

And are available now on our alternate download location.