More jQueryMobile

A handy and familiar tool set is an always welcome addition to the arsenal. And I guess that’s the way it is for me and jQueryMobile.

A “quick” (and I do mean quick – less than 4 hours of development time) mobile web site for my Church, combined with the SAAS provided by HandSetDetection has allowed me to have a small, but functional, site that will serve those who access our church website on a mobile device.

Now, we decided that we only wanted to serve this site to folks on smartphones – tablets are served the regular church website – but the system at HandSetDetection allows us to change that as we see fit.

One other “cool” feature, is that we are using the HTML5 audio tag for the Sermons page. That made the issue of serving up the recorded sermons sooooo much easier!

Now – this is a temporary site. Once we move to our new platform, we’ll be using a responsive design, but, even in the short-term, we have realized that over 50% of the devices accessing the church website are mobile devices!

Also, let me throw out some kudos for Iconifier – this one site makes it so very easy to have all the icons you need, not only for your favicon, but also for all the apple-touch icons.