Long time, no post

So, I have been quiet lately. But things have been very busy for me.

Back in February, I started the process of becoming a Certified Lay Servant, and a Lay Speaker, once again. I was a Certified Lay Speaker from 1981 – 1995, and stopped when my wife became pregnant with our daughter (since I did a lot of “pulpit supply” and was rarely home on weekends).

Well, 18 years have passed, and the requirements for a Lay Speaker changed effective January 1, 2013! So, I have been diligently studying and taking the 6 advanced lay servant courses required to become a Lay Speaker (once again):
– Go Preach (completed March 2nd)
– Leading Prayer (scheduled for early June)
– Leading Worship
– Rediscovering your Spiritual Gifts (completed April 27th)
– Life Together in the United Methodist Connection (which is on Church Polity) (completed May 5th)
– Living our United Methodist Beliefs (completed May 5th)

(In summary: 4 completed, 1 scheduled, and 1 yet to schedule)

In addition, I have also completed the following advanced lay servant classes, that are not part of the Lay Speaker series:
– Come to the Table (which examines This Holy Mystery – the new Communion document for the church) (completed February 17th)
– Growing Spiritually Through Daily Discipline (completed May 4th)

Plus, I have read 17 18 books on various Lay Speaker topics ranging from text for the above classes, to extra reading from Andy Stanley, Adam Hamilton, St John of the Cross, Rick Warren, Pope Benedict XVI, and United Methodist Bishop Jack Hagiya.

So, I have been busy … just in a different way! But it has all been a great learning experience.

2 thoughts on “Long time, no post

  1. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve looked at Blaisdell.dot.com. This is your Blaisdell cousin up in Daytona – Genealogist@Blaisdell.org

    I commend you for pursuing Lay Speaking with the UMC. We are UMC also and I’ve looked at the requirements, but bypassed them at my age. We came from the Assemblies of God – another Wesleyan branch of the tree and I had been credentialed. They used to call it the “Exhorter’s License” and we have served many positions in the church over our 46 1/2 years of marriage – and some before.

    If you ever decide to give up your domain name, I’m sure the Blaisdell Family National Association would want to pick it up. I have an idea for a web based query system to Blaisdell obituaries but am not sure what software I would use. I have owned Blaisdell.info for many years.

    Phil Freimann

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