Update: A Webapp for Scout Commissioners

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My first Android-appSo, since jQuery-Mobile and PhoneGap were compatible, I decided to use the PhoneGap “Build” function and see what a “native app” version of my HTML5 webapp would look like.

The good news is, I was able to create “native apps” for Android, Blackberry, webOS, and Symbian without a hitch.

However, if I wanted something I could submit to Google Play (for Android) then I would need to create a “signing certificate” for my code, and of course, pay the $25 that Google charges to use the service.

So, I undertook all those challenges, and the Android-version of the app is now available in Google Play! (formerly Android Market). [And yes, I have also submitted it to the Amazon Appstore, it is still under review and it was just approved on April 19th.]

Now, you may have noticed that I did not include any comment about the iPhone or iPad. Well, it seems you (1) need to be a registered developer in the Apple iOS Developer program (only costs $100 year) – and you need a special certificate, that can ONLY be generated on a Mac!

So, I am off to tackle those issues, and also to see how I can get the app listed in the Blackberry, webOS, and Symbian catalogs.

(BTW – as a side note, I have updated the webapp to jQuery-Mobile v1.1 and it seems to look quite nice.)

Also – I nearly forgot, here is the QR Code to the Android-app on Google Play:

Link to "The Commissioner" Android-app on Google Play!

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